Marcel Börlin
Born 1961 in St-Gall
Living in Founex near Geneva
Exhibitions are always a source of joy.
Growing through sharing.
A passionate artist experimenting whith bronze casting
since many years.
It takes a steep learning curve and willingness to experiment to be able to achieve exquisites sculptures.
I let myself be inspired by nature.
I fell in love whith bronze casting seeing the potential for expressing and bringing visions to life.
The wish to become always better is like a force pushing to surpass oneself.

Personal details in short:

1961             Born in St. Gallen, Switzerland

2019-2022 Stainless steel works

2019            Learning about lasertechnology

2018             Art criticism award Arte-Binningen

2017/2018    Art exhibitions and creative development

2016             Learning the art of casting in bronze

2012-2016    Learning to use 3D as a creative tool

2012             Sandblasting techniques

1992             Launch of my freelance jewellery designing business

1989-1992    Alternating between India, Switzerland and other European countries

1988             Various activities in the Swiss construction industry

1984-1987    Toured Spain, Portugal and southern France

1983-1984    Longer stay in Munich

1982              Ibiza

1981             Private college in Geneva

1980             Work in a precision engineering firm in Geneva

1972-1979    Secondary school in Nyon

1968-1972    Primary school in Founex